My name is Mila and I live in Brighton. Well, Hove actually. I'm in my twenties and I love anything food and photography related. I am always cooking and I started this blog mainly as a way to keep track of all my recipes.  

As a passionate gluten free home cook and recipe writer I love exploring cookery, new products and ingredients and styling my own food photos.

I am a total shutterbug and like taking photos of everything but mainly food and landscapes. You can see lots of my photographs on my Flickr account or on Instagram.

I have a severe gluten intolerance which has had a big effect on my life. I also have issues with garlic, white onions and some red meat. Although these foods do not have the same effects that gluten has on me, and I can sometimes tolerate very small amounts of them, I try to mainly keep them out of my diet.  

I wanted to create a blog that helps anyone that has ever found it difficult dealing with living a gluten free lifestyle. When I first had to stop eating gluten I struggled with it but the more I learned about being gluten free and the food you can eat and the more I learned to cook, the easier it became.

I have been gluten free for quite a few years and so I have a lot of experience cooking fabulous gluten free meals.

My blog is full of fun, delicious and everyday recipes not just for those who can't eat gluten but anyone who just loves great food. Whether you are gluten free out of choice or necessity, I won't tell you what you can’t eat but will show you great substitutes for the meals you love.

Living gluten free doesn’t mean changing your life completely and it can be the start of something great. A happy gluten and wheat free lifestyle can be easily achieved with preparation and planning.

I'll show that you can live a normal life and eat fabulous food on a gluten free diet.

I also write a gluten free column in local Brighton magazine, BN1. For more details visit my press page.

It is not my job to to write this blog or the column, they are things I do in my spare time. If you would like to get in contact about advertising or sponsoring please email me at deliciousand gf@gmail.com.