Tuesday, 25 August 2015

New Hashtag - #DeliciousandGF

I've been a bit uninspired lately, which isn't like me at all...

I think I'm just in desperate need of a holiday but don't worry, I have two coming up at the end of the year so hopefully I'll be back to my normal food obsessed, cooking loving self!

So anyway, as a way to cheer myself up and get some foodie inspiration, I thought I would start the hashtag #DeliciousandGF.

If you cook any of my recipes, something similar or just want to share something with me, make sure you use the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram so I can see. I'd love to see photos of the food my readers cook.

I'll use it too to share some of my favourite recipes and foodie photos. And, if you guys do decide to use it, I'll share some of my favourites of your photos.



  1. Maybe it's the end of August causing the slump? (seems to be internet wide, so don't feel too bad) Between what appears to be seriously wonky weather (90 degrees here last week in OH USA, last night it was 48 and I darn near had my husband go light the woodstove. Or at LEAST make him close the windows!) afflicting folks all over the planet, school either gearing up or already started, etc - it all just seems to have caused everyone the feel a touch of a need to just flop for a bit. (Frankly more then a touch of a slump in my own home... but that's more because I'm 'grounded' and not allowed to stand until my leg heals from a stupid accident) Thankfully in my case? I just found this site and while I wish I had the perfect antidote to your end of summer blues, knowing I have a day or two to fall into an internet hole with your site and mine it for goodies to look forward to once I am allowed to stand... put on pants... the little things in life lol! If I had a magic deslumper I'd happily load it to you, your site is already perking ME right up. But well, maybe that will put at least a ~tiny~ spring in your step knowing an odd gal from the States thinks you are a spiffy writer who is making her very very anxious to get back into her own kitchen?

    1. ahh thank you very much, I'm glad you think so! Yes it probably is the weather, its been raining here all week. Hope your leg gets better soon :-)