Friday, 12 June 2015

Delicious Alchemy Products

When I first had to start eating gluten free, there was nothing like this...

There were hardly any gluten free products, let alone baking mixes. I love these Delicious Alchemy baking mixes because they make gluten free baking easy and simple. And the packaging is bright and fun.

With hardly any effort, I had delicious freshly baked bread. You don't have to add lots of fresh ingredients either, this bread was made by just adding oil and water to the mix.

It doesn't look perfect.....but it was so amazingly light and fluffy with the perfect crust. No funny tastes, it just tasted like actual bread.

My favourite sample was the sponge cake mix, I made these super cute cakes with it.

With my gluten free oats and rice flake samples I made up some muesli jars for my weekday breakfasts.

(For a lady sized portion) just add to each recycled jam jar:

20g oats, 20g rice flakes, 20g mixed seeds, 20g dried raisins

Then in the morning add a splash of milk and eat straight from the jar.

For more information on these fab products, visit the Delicious Alchemy website.

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