Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Udi's Gluten Free #2

You may have seen my post in December 2013 when Udi's first came to the UK...
Since then they have gone from strength to strength growing fast in the UK and offering gluten free shoppers more choice than ever before. Last summer they expanded their range to include 27 brand new products including a Tiger Bloomer, Bagels, Muffins and much more.


They recently sent me an Easter hamper full of delicious new Udi’s Gluten Free products to try. Including chocolate cake mix, all purpose flour, chocolate muffins and chocolate chip bagels (which are dairy free too).  

My favourites were the bagels and muffins. The bagels make a delicious treat for breakfast and the muffins are deliciously soft and chocolaty but still light and fluffy.
For more information on their newer products click here.

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