Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Review of Sabai Thai Gastrobar, Brighton

I was really excited when Sabai asked me to come and try their gluten free Thai food...

I hadn't been out for Thai food before, often due to the worry that I wouldn't know what is safe and gluten free. However, at Sabai there is no need to worry. The menu clearly shows which dishes are gluten free as they are labelled 'GF'.

The menu is vast with plenty of gluten free choices. For some of the dishes that aren't marked GF they do have alternative ingredients such as Tamari instead of Soy sauce.

In fact, their website states that when they opened the restaurant they enlisted the help of a coeliac and went through the entire menu.  They found that Thai food did not contain much gluten as it is mostly found in grains that are not used much in Thai cooking. For more information click here.

For the vegans out there, each section of the menu is broken down to include vegan dishes. In these dishes there are no eggs, fish sauce and a different curry paste is used which does not contain any fish sauce. As well as Tofu, they also use V Bites vegan 'Chicken Pieces'.

The restaurant itself is reasonably priced, has a great central location (165-169 Princes House, Princes Place, North Street) and a lovely friendly atmosphere.

The food is fantastically delicious. It is vibrant, fresh and packed with flavour. It is also available for takeaway, and for delivery through Dinner2Go.

These are the delicious dishes we tried:

Satay Gai (Marinated chicken breast with peanut sauce).

Yum Tao Hu (Tofu Spicy Salad) 

Gang Kiew Wan (Award Winning Green Curry) 

 Gang Panang (Dry Curry)

Kao Niew (Thai Steamed Sticky Rice)

My favourite was the Satay Gai, which I'm still dreaming about now...

So, the verdict. It is safe to say that I will definitely be going again in the future and ordering a takeaway too. It is so great to have another gluten free option in Brighton, especially a family run Thai restaurant (not a pizza chain!).

If you visit Sabai, let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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