Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Birthday Brunch at V & H Cafe

Last week was my birthday...
 We went for brunch at V&H Café on Holland Road, in Hove. They serve gluten free cakes, sandwiches and toast.

Beforehand I contacted them to check that they use separate toasters, utensils etc. which they do. They did advise that although precautions were taken not to contaminate the gluten free food, it is a kitchen using gluten so cannot guarantee 100%.
I had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on gluten free toast and it was delicious, I will definitely be returning soon.
As we were off work, we went for a long walk in some woods. I love these woods, they are so peaceful - especially during the week.

Followed by a trip to middle farm to pick up some gluten free cakes.


  1. It looks like you had wonderful time on your birthday. I also like to celebrate my birthday simply but my sister is a big party freak. SO I have decided to throw a grand party on her 16th birthday. Could you share list of sweet 16 venues nyc ! Actually I don’t do parties so I don’t know about the good party venues.

  2. So interesting post!! Your birthday party was just amazing and your trip to middle farm was also great. Thanks for the pictures. Hey do you know about such beautiful LA venues for my engagement photo session?