Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Foodamentalists (Gluten Free Doughnut & Crumpet Mixes)

A few months back I received a crumpet mix and a doughnut mix from The Foodamentalists and I was very intrigued to try them.
I had always wanted to make both crumpets and doughnuts. I had tried to make crumpets before and had not been very successful.

With the mix, the crumpets came out tasting great although there needed to perhaps be a bit more instructions on the packet as I wasn't sure how much mixture to use for each one so they came out a bit too thick. I did struggle slightly with them. Still delicious though and an easy way to make crumpets at home.

After my problems with the crumpets I didn't think that the doughnuts would turn out well but they came out way better than expected. Again, I thought that the doughnut mix could have done with slightly better instructions but other than that the doughnuts looked and tasted fantastic and best of all they were easy to make. I never thought I'd be able to make gluten free doughnuts so easily at home.

I can't remember what 'normal' gluten doughnuts taste like but my (gluten eating) husband said they taste like normal doughnuts but with a slightly different texture. 
I think these are great products to try at home, so give them a try.


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