Saturday, 5 October 2013

Ilumi World

I'm not one for a ready meal or a quick fix meal as I usually make everything fresh from scratch...

However, I find it can be handy to keep something in the cupboard or freezer for a quick supper.

When I was sent some samples from Ilumi World, I was very intrigued. The packaging is modern and bright with the info clearly on the front. Their promise is that their meals are always gluten, nut and milk free.

A great thing about the Ilumi meals is that you don't need to keep them in the fridge because of the way they are packaged, they can be stored in the cupboard. 

Some of the samples were full meals, others were 'just add rice' for a full meal and one was a sauce.

They were all delicious, but among the samples my favourites were:

Thai Chicken Soup - I am not usually soup lover but this was delicious. It was bursting with flavour, creamy and the rice in it made it more filling and gives a really interesting texture. 

Chicken Cacciatora - To this you just add rice. It was really flavoursome and the chicken really tender. It made a really easy hearty meal.

Stir Fry Sauce - This made an easy way to make a healthy home cooked meal. It was so delicious and really livened up my stir fry.

This really is convenience food at its best. For quick and easy gluten free meals I recommend you stock up your cupboards with these. You can order them here

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