Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bruschetta Restaurant

(Unfortunately since writing this post, Bruschetta has closed down - much to my disappointment!). 

This isn't a review, I just want to share my experiences. We spent a lovely afternoon walking around Kingston Upon Thames. We went to John Lewis to choose our wedding gift list (which was great fun!), then excitedly headed to Bruschetta.

A lot of gluten free people who read my blog will have already heard of, or been to, Bruschetta restaurant in Kingston Upon Thames but this is for those who haven't. When I visited it I was absolutely amazed - the menu was gluten free, the staff friendly and the food was to die for.

Gluten free products for sale
Bruschetta is the best restaurant I have ever been to for gluten free food, with a huge variety of pizzas and pastas to try. They serve gluten free beer, sell gluten free products (I stocked up on some tagliatelle) and best of all their food tastes authentically Italian. My pizza was the biggest and most authentic tasting gluten free pizza I have ever had!

It was like stepping back in time for me, being able to eat all my favourite foods out in an Italian restaurant (pre gluten free I loved to eat in Italian restaurants and pizza was my favourite).

If I didn't live so far away from it, I would visit it all the time.

The menu


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