Saturday, 30 March 2013

Food For Friends Review

When I was asked to go to Food For Friends (a lovely restaurant in the heart of The Lanes) to write a review, I was more than delighted.

It is a restaurant I had always wanted to try and had heard nothing but good things about. I must say, it lived up to expectations.

When we arrived, the staff were lovely and friendly and the restaurant was bright, clean and airy and we were seated in the best seats in the house.

What makes this restaurant special is the menu. Everything is clearly labelled if they are gluten free (gf) or if they have a gluten free option (go). They also have labels as below:

key: v:vegan, vo: vegan option, gf: gluten free, go: gluten free options: n: contains nuts

This makes such a difference to me. That and the fact that the staff were clearly very informed on food allergies and would make sure you were looked after.

To my surprise and delight they also had gluten free lager on the menu. This was amazing for me as it was the first time I have been able to have a lager out in a restaurant in about 4 years - it made my day!

So onto the food. Although I am not a vegetarian, I enjoyed the food immensely. I do not think it made a difference not having meat and would recommend this restaurant to my meat eating friends.

I began with the sweet tofu pockets filled with brown basmati rice, smoked tofu, spring onions and chilli served with pickled ginger, wakame and a sesame mirin dressing.

My main course was the warm mild ewe’s halloumi salad served with leaves, mango, ripe avocado, wasabi roasted cashews and a mango dressing.

My fiancé started with Chaul Masala roast cauliflower, toasted hazelnuts and piccalilli dressing and for his main had the sweet potato, aubergine, tomato and spinach curry with papadum, aromatic basmati, spiced yoghurt, and cauliflower pakora.

Having devoured my meal and tried a bit of my fiancé's, all I can say is how delicious it was. The food and ingredients seemed really fresh. Every thing on the plate was vibrant and bursting with so many interesting flavours.

I think my favourite of all the dishes was the halloumi salad. It was creamy and sweet, yet refreshing with a fabulous crunch of cashew nuts. A great combination. The sweet mango really contrasts with the salty halloumi.

Once we were suitably stuffed, the owner of the restaurant came to meet us, which I thought was really nice. Overall we had a great experience and I recommend anyone go there whether you're a veggie, coeliac, have nut allergies or just fancy a delicious meal in a lovely restaurant.

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