Friday, 25 January 2013

Honeybuns Bakery

I was recently lucky enough to be sent some lovely little samples from Honeybuns bakery in Dorset.

The standard of their cakes are another level - possibly the most amazing gluten free cakes I have ever tasted. I think because they use golden polenta in their shortbread, it makes it taste extra special and gives it a really unusual flavour and texture.

All their cakes are bursting with flavour unlike I've ever tasted before in gluten free cake.

Here are some of the tasty samples I was sent:

Milk Chocolate Brownie 
A deliciously creamy & chewy chocolate brownie made with a dash of coffee.
Congo Bar
This lovely bar of tastiness had my mouth watering just looking at it - and it didn't disappoint. Crunchy and nutty with sticky caramel on a crumbly polenta shortbread base. Amazing!

Snowy Hills
Only to be described as an explosion of lemony gingery flavour on top of the fabulous polenta shortbread.
Chocolate Caramel Shortbread
A divine millionaire style shortbread with that amazing shortbread base, delicious chocolate & caramel.
Their gluten free version of Amaretti, this is more of a biscuit that is deliciously chewy, sweet & almondy, delicious with hot mug of coffee.

I totally recommend these delicious cakes, especially the Snowy Hills and Congo Bar. For more information check out their website.

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