Thursday, 12 July 2012

M&S Gluten Free Sandwiches

Any gluten free person will know that horrible feeling you get when you have forgotten your lunch... panic! Well not anymore, I'm so pleased that M&S have started selling gluten free sandwiches in selected stores.

These sandwiches have saved me more than once when I've been at work or travelling around.

Locally, you can get them in the M&S in Brighton train station. They cost between £3.60 and £4. They have a few different fillings to choose from; cheese, ham, egg or chicken. I like the ham salad one, the bread is a little bit dry but holds together really well (not much crumbling) and the fillings are tasty.

I wouldn't buy shop bought sandwiches regularly but it is great to have the option and it is really convenient if you are out and about. Gradually more and more places are starting to sell pre-made gluten free sandwiches which makes life a little easier.

Click here for M&S's list of the stores that sell them.

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  1. M&S sliced bread with grains is very nice also. Btw, are you single? ;-)